Acupressure Point B-10

Your FREE seated exercise and acupressure point instructions

Looking Behind to Cure Fatigue and Distress:

Looking Behind to Cure Fatigue and Distress:

  • Begin as usual sitting in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor, back fully supported by the back of your chair.
  • Breathe in and out through your nose only slowly 6 to 12 times while concentrating on the movement of energy and oxygen throughout your body.
  • Keep your arms to your sides, but with your elbows slightly bent, palms facing the floor.
  • Breathe in through your nose and then as you breathe out through your mouth, turn your head slowly to the left side.
  • As you return your head back to the center, breathe in through your nose. Try to breathe in and out in time with the movement of your head.
  • Turn your head to the right now as you breathe out through your mouth and breathe in again as you return your head to the center.
  • Continue turning your head from side to side for about 12 times.
  • You can find the acupressure point labeled B 10, on the illustration above.
  • These points are located on the two large ropy muscles that are about half an inch on either side of the spine.
  • Press firmly on these two points with your fingers for no less than a full minute while breathing slowly in and out through your nose.

  • Benefits:This acupressure point will relieve a stiff and sore neck, a sore throat, and even exhaustion and stress.

    Please consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise program.