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The Dancing King

The Dancing King

By the time Louis XIV was born in 1638, French court ballets were well established. The time was ripe to professionalize the art of dance. Louis appears differently in various accounts from his own time and in later writings. He was loved and hated, feared and respected. His reign brought great prestige to France and a long series of wars with their accompanying poverty and taxation. Yet, none can deny the impact of his monarchy on France and, indeed, the whole world. Louis XIV of France has continued to influence dancers.

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Maria La Magica

Marie La Magica

Maria Taglioni rose from a plain, hunchback little girl who skipped ballet classes to play with her friends to become the premiere danseuse of the world. Her athleticism led to the re-design of ballet costumes: her artistry to the revolutionary dancing en pointe. She and her father, Filippo, ushered in the era of the Romantic ballet. Those love stories and the elegant choreographies remain as popular today as they were in the nineteenth century when Maria was at the peak of her profession. Even in the 21st century, Maria Taglioni continues to inspire all who dance, teach or just appreciate the beauty of ballet.

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